What do I need to use ClearCaptions?

Where ever you use ClearCaptions, you’ll need to register and enable the ClearCaptions service before you can begin using it.
If you use ClearCaptions on Ensemble, you’ll need an Ensemble phone, a phone line and an Internet connection. Your service is enabled as soon as you register your Ensemble, PLUS you will automatically have access to ClearCaptions on the web. You can also use the service when you download the free ClearCaptions App for your wireless phone or tablet.
Once you’ve enabled ClearCaptions, all you need to use captions is a telephone, an Internet connection and a computer. If you don’t have a computer, you can download the free ClearCaptions app for your device, and use an iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or Android. To see your captions and hear your call at the same time on your iPhone or Android, your phone must have both a voice and data plan, and support simultaneous voice and data transmission, or have a Wi-Fi connection.