Make using the phone easy again...

at home.

The phone is your friend again!

The perfect phone for your home, Clarity® Ensemble™ blends hearing-aid quality amplification with built-in captions that are FREE and available for eligible users on all incoming and outgoing calls. When you can read anything you might miss, it's easier to stay connected to family, friends or anyone you talk to on the phone.

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Did you know?

36 million Americans have hearing loss.

ClearCaptions on Ensemble

Make using the phone easy again...

at work.

Boost employee confidence on work calls.

When you add ClearCaptions to your Cisco phone system, employees who have hearing loss can see captions of their calls displayed right on their Cisco desk phone at minimal cost to the company.

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Did you know?

1 in 5 U.S. workers has hearing loss.

ClearCaptions for Cisco

Make using the phone easy again...

on the go.

Captions where (and when) you need them.

Whether you're across the street or across the country, make sure what you heard is really what they said. ClearCaptions provides captions on your phone when and where you need them.

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ClearCaptions for Web

Add ClearCaptions to your tablet or phone!

ClearCaptions for Mobile

Have you seen the noise about ClearCaptions?

  • Fob Business

    "[ClearCaptions] removes an obstacle for someone having difficulty hearing on the phone."

  • USA Today

    "The phone delivers near-real-time captioning of the conversation, similar to ...closed captioning you see on televisions."

  • engadget

    " impressive product...quite useful for anybody with hearing issues."