On the ClearCaptions Phone, the Speed button will adjust how quickly captions appear on the screen during a call.
To adjust your caption speed during a call:

  • Tap OPTIONS near the bottom of your screen
  • Tap the Speed button (it looks like a person running)
  • Tap + or – buttons to adjust your caption speed

There are 3 speeds to choose from – Slow, Medium and Fast.

Your selection will be saved for future calls until you change it again. Tap the Speed or Font buttons again to make more adjustments during a call.

You can also adjust your captioning experience when not on a call:

  • From the HOME screen tap the SETTINGS icon
  • Find and tap the PHONE option to open the Phone Settings
  • Tap the CAPTION SETTINGS option
  • Tap Caption Display. From here you can adjust caption speed, font size, presentation and screen color.