Clearly, a good call.

ClearCaptions delivers captions on the phone so you won’t miss a word in the moments that matter. See every word your callers say at no cost to you.

Regain your independence

Stay connected to 
loved ones

With a ClearCaptions Phone you’ll be able to read the text your caller says.

Have clearer
phone conversations

With near real-time call captioning you can trust that you will catch every word.

Maintain your independence

Confidently use the phone – no help needed.

Captions at home

Read the words your caller says with near real-time captions.

Captions on-the-go

ClearCaptions is available on the home phone and as a mobile app for iPhone® and iPad®.

Free installation & support

We offer free white-glove installation to get you connected.

Emergency alert system

Emergency alert messaging provides lifesaving weather alerts directly from FEMA.

See how ClearCaptions is
making an impact

ClearCaptions is
free for customers

ClearCaptions is available to qualified, hard-of-hearing U.S. residents at no cost as part of the Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These laws were created to make sure people with disabilities like hearing loss have equal opportunities and access to phone calls – it’s your right!

As part of the ADA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires telephone and internet companies to contribute to the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) fund. The TRS fund is managed by the FCC and helps pay service providers like ClearCaptions. That’s how we’re able to make captioned calls available at no cost to you.

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