You can change your call volume and phone ringer volume depending on your personal level of hearing loss. The volume level you choose will automatically be saved for future calls.
  • To quickly increase the handset or speakerphone volume while on a call, press the Amplify button on the phone.
  • To adjust the ringer volume to a level that best suits you, just tap the “+” or “-” button on the volume rocker when not on a call. Notice that the light panel and the screen display also show the change in the volume setting.
  • To adjust the handset volume, pick up the handset, then tap the Volume button until the sound is at a comfortable level for you.
  • To set the speaker volume, for use during hands-free calls, first press the Speaker button on the phone to activate it. Then tap the Volume button to increase or decrease the sound.
Your caption phone offers several other volume settings so you can easily adjust the sound to a level that works for you. Watch the video to see step-by-step instructions.