On the ClearCaptions Mobile App, you can set up and make changes to your Voicemail greeting.
  1. From the Menu Bar in the mobile app, tap the Voicemail button. Tap the Call Voicemail button. A captioned call is initiated.
  2. Tap the Speaker button to enable the speaker, and tap the Keypad button to go to options.
  3. Tap 0 for mailbox options.
  4. Tap 1 to record your voicemail greeting.
  5. Tap # to finish recording.
  6. Tap 2 to listen to the new greeting.
  7. Tap 1 to accept the new greeting.
  8. Tap * to save the new greeting.
  9. Tap the Close button to close the keypad.
  10. Tap the Hang-up button to end the call.
  11. And finally, tap the Close button. Now incoming callers will receive your new voicemail greeting if they are unable to reach you.
Watch more about your app voicemail feature in our video tutorial.