Proudly Serving Our Veterans with Hearing Loss

Veterans Day is an important time to honor our veterans and thank them for their service and sacrifice for our country. Often as a result of their service, veterans experience hearing loss due to their exposure to loud noises – such as working in an airplane hangar or proximity to an explosion. According to a 2020 Veterans Benefits Administration report, there are more than 1.3 million veterans receiving disability for hearing loss, and more than 2.3 million receiving compensation for tinnitus – a ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. The Department of Veterans Affairs even notes that tinnitus is the number one service-connected disability that veterans deal with. So, if you are a veteran with hearing loss or tinnitus, you are not alone.  

Caption Phone for Veterans with Hearing Loss 

We are always honored to serve veterans of all ages, especially seniors. One of the ways we support our veterans with hearing loss is by providing a call captioning service that gives a near real-time display of a caller’s words during phone conversations – on both home and mobile phones. If you live in the US and have qualifying hearing loss, this service is available at no cost to you. 

The ability to connect and communicate is so important, especially for veterans. Social connection can help lower anxiety and depression, increase self-esteem and empathy as well as improve your immune system. For veterans with hearing loss as a result of their service, staying connected is especially important for mental and emotional health.  

Need hearing help? Don’t wait! We’re here to support you and ensure you can enjoy simple, clear communication on all your calls. Get started today. Our team is available to help you receive the caption phone service you deserve. 

Additional Resources for Veterans with Hearing Loss 

If you’re a veteran with hearing loss, there are many great resources available to you to ensure you receive the hearing care you deserve: 

  • National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research: studies hearing loss in veterans in order to develop effective treatments. Researchers also work to alleviate communication, social and economic problems resulting from hearing loss and tinnitus.  
  • Heroes with Hearing Loss: This organization aims to connect veterans with available resources to help cope with hearing loss. 
  • Healthy Hearing: If you’re a veteran who served in the military, this resource provides a guide to how you may qualify for hearing healthcare benefits and disability compensation from the VA.  

While hearing loss may be one of the top service-connected disabilities among veterans, there is a lot of support available no matter where you’re at in your hearing health journey. We’re grateful for your service to our country and our team looks forward to helping you regain your freedom of communication!  

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