Caption Phones + Hearing Aids: They’re Better Together!

Although being hearing impaired requires you to address the difficulty of communicating in everyday situations, combining the use of hearing aids with caption phone calls can make your daily living easier and more enjoyable. 

Learn how pairing hearing aids with a caption phone service improves daily living. 

Hearing aid technology is simply amazing these days. Clarity of signal, comfort of use and discretion of design makes them practically imperceptible in your daily life. While a hearing aid plan can change your life for the better, pairing this technology with captioning phones can help bridge the gap for individuals who are hard of hearing. 

However, when you combine modern technology with the human condition, being hearing impaired isn’t as impairing as it once was. When you know how to effectively combine adaptive hearing loss solutions and services, life can go on pretty much as normal. 

For example, consider those who wear contact lenses to assist their vision. When those contact lenses aren’t in place—usually at either the start of end of any given day—there’s typically a pair of glasses on hand to ensure good vision is still available. Two adaptive solutions are combined to add flexibility to the user. 

The same goes for your hearing when it comes to using the phone. Thanks to captioning calls and caption phone apps, you can see the words your callers say, so you can be certain you’ll never miss a word—even when you’re taking a break from using your hearing aid. You won’t need to struggle to hear during a call nor will you be forced to interrupt with, “Wait—let me put my hearing aid back in.”  

Hearing Aids + You 

When it comes to hearing aids for seniors, the FDA recently released a new rule allowing certain over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids to be sold to adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. While this doesn’t replace a visit to an audiologist to address the causes of hearing loss, the ability to offer these hearing aids for seniors without a prescription could prompt some hearing-impaired people to seek treatment sooner. For many others, consulting with a trusted hearing care professional is an important step to receiving the correct treatment and the right assistive listening device for them 

Hearing Aids + Caption Phones  

Changes in your hearing, much like changes in vision, are to be expected but they don’t have to limit you or compel you to a single method of adaptability. You can take charge of your hearing impairment by combining hearing aid use with a caption phone service – like ClearCaptions. When you do, you’ll gain more freedom each day and prevent or lessen any fatigue you might experience from relying solely on one adaptive solution. 

Hearing loss is a reality as we move through life. No matter the situation that brought it on, we’re fortunate to have technology and treatments that help us live each day unhampered and undaunted. With the technology and expertise available for the hard of hearing—namely hearing aids paired with captioned phones—we have more options to adapt and thrive beyond what previous generations experienced. 

If you haven’t already, consider combining your hearing aid with a captioned call service. You’ll love what you see! 

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