Find the Perfect Holiday Gifts for Seniors

November 18, 2021
Find the Perfect Holiday Gifts for Seniors

You’ve done it! Shopping for gifts this year has been surprisingly easy, and you’ve finally gotten around to crossing names off your list. But you’re not quite finished yet, are you? Finding holiday gifts for seniors can be a challenge. Thankfully, we’ve got a holiday gift guide perfect for every senior in your life.

Find personalized items that you both can enjoy together and nostalgic games reminiscent of childhood fun. You can even choose from a variety of technology like a caption phone to help keep your loved ones with hearing loss connected this season and all year-round! Ready to finish your holiday shopping? Choose from these holiday gift ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Get crafty this season

Hone your skills this year with crafts that will make the perfect gifts for grandparents and loved ones. Personalize photos and let them serve as a warm and heartfelt reminder today and always.

  • Photo albums are simple and easy to make! Develop film or get digital photos printed and fill up the pages in a photo album with fun memories that you’ve shared with each other. Look for photo albums at your local craft store like Michaels or JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores.

holiday gifts for seniors

  • Photo blankets make the perfect holiday gifts. Help keep your loved ones warm this season and create a custom blanket today. Simply upload an image to Shutterfly and select the size and material you wish to purchase. Be sure to place your order in advance to allow for shipping and delivery time. Now, their blanket will serve as a reminder of you each time they bring it out, and well… that’s something we can all be happy about!

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  • Personalized photos can add a special touch to home décor. On a canvas or in a picture frame, choose photos of you and your loved ones and make this senior gift one to remember! You can even create jigsaw puzzles of personalized photos with up to 2000 pieces to work on together!

holiday gifts for seniors

  • Make a day of it. Not feeling crafty? Get creative instead! Give your loved one the gift of more time with you or the ones you love. Instead of a gift card, plan a day when you can get together for lunch or breakfast, shop together to choose the perfect gift, or simply spend the day watching movies. To involve the whole family, check out these activities perfect for grandparents and grandchildren!

Games for everyone!

Nothing like a good ol’ game of Yahtzee to engage your loved ones this holiday season. It’s no secret that games keep the mind sharp as you age so why not add some of these classic board games to your list this year? It’s a win-win!

  • Scrabble is a classic game that can help improve brain development while sharpening up vocabulary and strategy skills.

holiday gifts seniors

  • Chess can help improve cognitive and analytical abilities. It’s also simple and easy to learn.

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  • Yahtzee is a straightforward game. Simply create different combinations with your dice in the 13 rounds, stack your points and Yahtzee–you’ve won the game!

holiday gifts

Read more about the pros and cons on the 15 best board games for seniors and the elderly.

Technology that can help support your loved ones

The holidays are a great time to reconnect and check on friends and family, but why stop there? These gifts can help your loved ones stay connected and independent all year long too.

  • A ClearCaptions Caption Phone can help keep your loved ones connected this season and all year-round. If you know someone with hearing loss, our call captioning services can provide them near real-time captions of phone conversations at no cost. Surprise your loved ones this year with the gift of connection. Learn more at

  • Wearable watches like an Apple Watch® can help monitor your loved one’s health activities like heart rate, noise levels, and track daily steps. It also sets reminders to get them active and moving. Compare different models here.


‘Tis the season!

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your senior friends and family has never been easier. Spread holiday cheer this year and surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gifts that they will love. Whether you’re creating personalized gifts, wrapping up classic board games or surprising them with the gift of connection, we wish you a wonderful and joyous holiday season!

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