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System issue April 26, 2022

Description: At 11:41 a.m. PST Clear Captions experience a system issue

Outage Level: P1-Voice and Caption Outage

Impact: Voice and captions unavailable during outage

Note: No active 911 calls were in flight during this incident

Duration: 17 minutes


System issue April 16, 2022

Description: At 8:49 a.m. NOC identified a drop in call volume, At 9:01 AM the system dropped 100% of Calls.  IT Ops is investigating the cause of the incident.

Outage Level: P1-Total Outage

Business Impact: 289 calls dropped

  • Note: One 911 call was in flight during this incident, Captions were down on this Call, but the voice was routed to National PSAP and Answered.

Start Time: Wednesday, April 16th, 2022 – 8:49 AM PST

Resolution Time: Wednesday, April 16th, 2022 – 9:12 AM PST

Duration: 23 minutes


System issue April 13, 2022

Description: ASR Servers were restarted to resolve degraded state.

Outage Level: P1-Captioning Outage Only

Business Impact: Complete outage of Captions for 1 minute

Start Time: Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 – 1:00 PM PST

Resolution Time: Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 – 1:01 PM PST

Duration: 1 minute


FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) CAPTIONED TELEPHONES WITH THE CAPTIONS TURNED ON. IP Captioned Telephone Service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone. There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally administered fund.