The Benefits of a Complete Hearing Care Solution

Hearing care professionals make a profound difference in their patients’ hearing health! They provide a complete hearing care solution, which includes an overall review of your hearing and communication challenges, consideration of other medical conditions and an evaluation of other services that can help you optimize your hearing and communication capabilities.  

Although a recent executive order makes it possible to access hearing aids over the counter, there are many additional benefits to seeking the knowledge and personalized approach of a hearing care professional – such as an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. Here are the top three reasons to see a hearing care professional.  

1. Complete Hearing Care Solution 

For some, hearing issues can develop quickly with symptoms like ear pain, dizziness or tinnitus (a persistent ringing, buzzing, or clicking sound in the ear.) For others, hearing loss is gradual and may go unnoticed until a concerned family member or friend makes a comment about how often you’re asking them to speak up or repeat what they’ve just said. This is very common in age-related hearing loss.  

A hearing care professional looks at the whole picture of your hearing health to understand your specific hearing needs and which treatments or services will be best for you. They know that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, some hearing aid users may still have trouble communicating on the telephone. In that case a hearing care professional may recommend using hearing aids with a caption phone to make it easier to communicate!  


2. Personalized Approach 

Hearing loss is a very personal experience, and a hearing care professional can personalize your treatment. For example, hearing aids need to be custom-fitted and programmed to support your listening lifestyle. They also need to be monitored and adjusted over time. That’s something only a trained audiologist or hearing aid specialist can do for you.  

An audiologist will test your hearing and adjust your hearing technology to make sure it meets your needs without being too loud. They will adjust your hearing aids properly and ensure no additional harm is caused. They’ll also make sure that your hearing technology fits properly because an improperly-fitting hearing aid can create uncomfortable wax build up that could lead to an ear infection.  


3. Improved Investment 

Although purchasing hearing aids over the counter might help you save money initially, receiving treatment from a hearing care professional may be a better long-term investment. A professional can provide everything from warranty protection and upgrade advice to special deals and financing options to ensure that your hearing solutions are affordable. On average, those who purchase hearing aids will go through five or more appointments with their doctor to ensure the device is fitted properly, the volume and settings are working for your unique needs, and everything is working to ensure you have the best results possible with your new devices. Having a hearing care professional means they will be there with you every step of the way on your hearing health journey.  

Thanks to hearing care professionals and cutting-edge hearing technology, there’s more hearing care solutions than ever to help you truly thrive!  

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