Want to Help Senior Adults Adopt New Technology? Start with Service in Mind

Captioning technology designed with your patients in mind

Today, technology moves fast–especially in the hearing care industry. Take hearing aids for example. Advancements in hearing aid technology include amplified sound, Bluetooth™ compatibility, artificial intelligence, rechargeable batteries and smartphone apps that can convert speech to text and even translate different languages. As hearing technology continues to expand every day, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the industry curve and provide your patients with tools and resources that can help them age in place longer.  

Technology isn’t just evolving in the hearing care industry, but in telecommunications too. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) improves the call captioning experience for people with hearing loss that require the use of captioned calls. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection also offers a way to use call captioning services for those without a landline – all they need is an active internet connection. 

As a hearing care professional, you know technology for seniors can be daunting. Your continued commitment to support them makes all the difference. The care you already provide helps seniors feel confident in trying new things like hearing aid solutions. 

“Education, patience, and confidence are all needed to help this audience take full advantage of what technology has to offer.”  

The American Association of Retired Persons suggest that the most common technological frustration for this demographic is simply not knowing how to use it. With call captioning technology, adoption can be easy.  

A complete hearing care solution  

While it’s common for people with hearing loss to experience listening fatigue and social isolation, captioned calls help encourage healthy socialization. They can even help improve patient adaptation to hearing solutions you prescribe. According to NPR, every decibel drop in perception increases the odds of becoming lonely by seven percent. More times than not, people with hearing loss stop socializing because it’s too hard to keep up otherwise. With call captioning service, we’re helping to bridge the gap between hearing loss and healthy communication.  

When you add captioned calls to your patients’ overall hearing care solution, you’re improving their everyday life and encouraging clear communication that boosts mental health and more. With advancements made in speech recognition software, your patients get connected to calls in record time, receive captions with punctuation and capitalization and enjoy increased accuracy too!  VoIP connectivity also allows them to move their caption phone anywhere in the home so long there is a power cord and Wi-Fi connection. This is especially important for your elderly patients who need more comfort and safety when they communicate with their loved ones.

“As my hearing loss got worse, it became harder and harder for me to understand my family and friends on the phone. At one point, I stopped picking up phone calls and making calls altogether. ClearCaptions has truly changed the way I communicate with people. Their support team is fabulous! They walked me through how to use my caption phone and made sure I understood how to use different features. I now talk on the phone regularly without having to ask anyone to repeat themselves. Thank you, a million times!”

– ClearCaptions customer, Stella P.

What we do for your patients 

ClearCaptions Blue Caption Phone
At ClearCaptions, your patients are top of mind. Our mission has always been about keeping people connected and independent in their daily lives and with captioned calls, we do just that.  

Though there may be a slight learning curve for your patients, our service includes everything they need to successfully adopt call captioning technology that can help them use the phone confidently and independently again. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) shares that when it comes to adopting new technology, seniors admitted they want a better grasp on the technology they are using and that they lack confidence when using it. For this very reason, we offer products that are simple to use.  

We’ve designed our  ClearCaptions phone to perfectly suit senior adults with hearing loss.  

  • Large and easy-to-push physical buttons  
  • Large caption display 
  • Adjustable caption size for larger font  
  • A light will flash when there is an incoming call for a visual alert
  • Adjustable volume and speakerphone functionality for hands-free calling  

Just like with your hearing care solutions, technology is just one piece of the solution. White glove service, patient training and support, and building trusted relationships are key to helping this audience feel confident using new technology on their own. From installation and training, to ongoing support and a lifetime warranty, we ensure our customers have an exceptional experience and know that their input and questions are valued.  

“Thanks to my caption phone, I am enjoying conversations again and feel confident every time the phone rings. The captions are easy to read on the screen and I can even adjust the size when needed!”

– ClearCaptions customer, Thomas J.

What we do for you 

We share the same commitment to help those with hearing loss enjoy each day – confidently and independently.  

We work with you directly through our ProCare suite of services to deliver: 

  • Ongoing support and in-office training  
  • Easy integration into office software  
  • Materials to help explain call captioning to your patients 
  • Bluetooth™ mobile app connection to hearing aids you prescribe 

“Everything was integrated and ready to use with our current office processes. The materials were a nice bonus for our patients who wanted to know more about call captioning service too. My patients have been calling in to thank me for recommending the ClearCaptions phone and relieving the stress that comes with being unable to hear phone conversations.”

– Cynthia B.,  AuD

ClearCaptions is committed to making lives better with every phone call. Better solutions. Better service. Better relationships. That’s what sets us apart. Give your patients the freedom and independence that comes with captioned calls. Learn more and refer a patient today at clearcaptions.com 

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