Troubleshooting guide

Restart or reset your home phone

If you are having trouble receiving captions on your phone, or have recently lost power/internet connection, you may need to restart your ClearCaptions Phone. When the red button is pressed the phone will power off and then back on, ending any current calls or sessions on the phone. 

Step 1

Locate the red button on the back of the caption phone. Tap the button.

Step 2

Allow the phone to complete its power-up process; you’ll see the progress on the phone screen.

Step 3

The phone will automatically reconnect to the internet and complete a series of checks and updates; allow this process to fully complete.

If a problem persists, contact our team for more help.

Tap the ClearCaptions icon in Contacts or Favorites or dial 866-868-8695.

What does the flashing light mean?

Your caption phone has a built-in light bar on the top of the phone.   

This flashing light will help you stay connected by notifying you of incoming phone calls in case you don’t hear it ring and show you that you have new voicemail messages. 

The light will stop flashing and remain lit up when you answer the phone.   

The light will also flash if you have a missed call. If the caller leaves a voicemail, a small red dot will appear above the Voicemail icon. Once you listen to your new voicemails, the flashing will stop. 

How to contact customer service from your phone

Tap Contacts or Favorites from the Home screen 

Tap the ClearCaptions icon to start a call 

Or dial 866-868-8695  

We’re here to help! The ClearCaptions Team will be happy to assist you with any questions you have. 

Home phone basics

How to use your new phone.

How to make calls

How to make and receive captioned calls.

Volume control

Change your volume settings.

Using captions

How to use captions on the ClearCaptions Phone.

Mobile app basics

How to use the mobile app.


Browse our commonly asked questions and answers.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common ClearCaptions questions.

How does ClearCaptions work?2023-12-12T20:57:17+00:00

The ClearCaptions Phone displays near real-time phone captions on an easy-to-use touchscreen display. Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes this service available at no cost to qualified U.S. residents.

Learn more about how ClearCaptions works by clicking here.

Why is ClearCaptions free?2023-12-13T21:19:46+00:00
ClearCaptions is available to qualified, hard-of-hearing U.S. residents at no cost as part of the Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A federally managed program, enacted by the ADA, makes this service available at no cost to you.

As an industry leader, ClearCaptions gives you peace of mind by providing you the service and support for all your phone captioning needs so that you can connect with those you care about.

Learn more about why captioning service is free by clicking here.

Is my conversation private with ClearCaptions?2023-12-12T20:54:35+00:00

Yes, conversations and account information are always private. ClearCaptions is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with strict obligations for confidentiality. In keeping with FCC rules and regulations governing Relay Services, no records of any call content are recorded or stored by caption communications assistants.

Rest assured, your conversations are private and secure.

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