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The holidays are upon us and there’s no better way to wrap up the end of the year than with YOUR stories of connection in mind! Over the last ten years, our values at ClearCaptions have remained the same and as strong as ever. We continue to serve the community with one mission in mind–keeping people connected and independent in their daily lives.

Connection and independence have been our mantra, and you’ve helped paint the words to our story. This past year, we were able to connect 80,000 users to family members, friends, doctors, critical services and more. Our call captioning service makes communication through the holidays and every day afterwards easy, because at ClearCaptions we believe words matter. Let’s take a closer look at how our customers have been using their caption phone to stay connected and improve their daily lives.

Your stories make a difference

When the pandemic started, Rita’s first thought was of her brother who has hearing loss and lives alone. She expressed how grateful she was to be able to regularly check in with him again after he agreed to get a caption phone. Now, everyone in the family is happy and he wonders why he didn’t get one sooner!

“My brother is in his early 80’s and lives alone. When COVID-19 hit I became very concerned and I spoke to his son, my nephew, and told him that we must insist that he get this service, so we are able to reach him and for him to reach us. After expressing our concern and our need to talk to him, he agreed. Now I can talk to my brother every day. It has been wonderful.”

– Rita H.

Since the pandemic, families like Rita’s all over the country recognized the need to ensure their loved ones could continue to receive critical services and stay connected to those they love, even with hearing loss. ClearCaptions is honored to have played a part in keeping seniors connected and independent within the safety of their homes. Our team pivoted quickly to provide even more remote solutions such as self-help videos, virtual installations, ongoing outreach and more.

It’s no secret that connection plays a pivotal role in good health. According to the Better Health Channel, people who stay connected and have strong relationships with family and friends are more satisfied in their lives, have a lower risk of dementia and are more independent. So, how can you stay connected while managing hearing loss?

“I have Meniere’s Disease and it’s becoming clearer to me and everyone around me that my hearing gets measurably worse by the month. I have learned very quickly to depend on my ClearCaptions phone. I didn’t even want to talk on the phone before I got it. Thank you ClearCaptions.”

– David B.

Our caption phone helps simply and effectively by using advanced speech recognition software to translate speech to text in addition to live captioners. Now, every word your callers say is shown on your screen, so you won’t have to ask them to repeat themselves again. Don’t shy away from technology that can help make your life easier.

“My hearing went downhill rather quickly, and I couldn’t use the phone anymore until I got the ClearCaptions phone. It has made my life much better and a lot easier. Happy Holidays!”

– Lee S.

Connection through the holidays and beyond

The holidays can be an especially difficult time with hearing loss, and you may not always be close to family and friends to celebrate. Loneliness and depression can occur any time of the year, but are especially prevalent during the holidays, according to Healthline. “Some people may have a small social circle or lack opportunities for socialization.”

Similarly, a survey by the American Association of Retired Persons or AARP shows that thirty-one percent of people have felt lonely during the holidays and forty-one percent have worried about a family member or friend feeling alone during the season.

Thankfully, staying in touch is made easier with our call captioning service. ClearCaptions helps you stay connected with family and friends–near or far, so you can see every word they’re saying and follow along comfortably. Don’t just take our word for it! Our customer, Michelle, shares how she beats the odds.

“Our son is all over the world and we very rarely see him. Trying to talk to him and not being able to understand him was heartbreaking. Emails are good, but silent! With ClearCaptions, I can hear his voice and read what he says…what a blessing! I am so grateful”

– Michelle A.

We’ve read some great stories this past year. You’ve told us how we’ve helped connect you with loved ones and regain your confidence on the phone again. But one of our favorites comes from you, and your willingness to help others stay connected during the holidays and every day that comes after.

“To all seniors: this phone is a great help for anyone with hearing problems. I hope all of you will appreciate the product and how it helps ease phone conversations for many. Thank you, seniors, and ClearCaptions. Merry Christmas!”

– Prency B.

Teaching moments are endless. How you use technology to help manage your hearing loss can help others too. Take it from ClearCaptions user, Teri, who uses technology to improve her daily life and connect others to available resources that can help them live their best lives, every day.

“This has been a huge game-changer for me, and one not many people realize is available. I use ClearCaptions free mobile app when I make a call on my iPhone so that I get a near real-time transcription of the phone conversation. The captions are easy to read and help me see what the caller is saying.”

– Teri W.

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Connection is important at ClearCaptions too!

“What motivates me each day working at ClearCaptions is really the opportunity to help people. We really are changing lives. We have testimonials from customers and hearing their stories on how we’ve impacted their lives and their relationship with their families is truly amazing.”

– Steven Martin, ClearCaptions Concierge Manager

Every moment, every experience and every story that you’ve shared with us is another reason for us to smile here at ClearCaptions. We appreciate your humbling words and look forward to more stories from you that capture the beauty of connection.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey and giving us just a glimpse of the impact we’ve had in your lives, and those of your loved ones. From everyone at ClearCaptions, happy holidays and a happy new year!

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